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Trending topics tend to have a buzz around them that attracts traffic, backlinks and social shares.

That’s because they’re insanely relevant to people’s lives at that moment in time.

Now imagine this:

What if you could perfectly time your blogposts according to future trends?

You could have an awesome piece of content ready to publish right before a trend kicks in. Then all you’ll have to do is sit back and watch your content surf the wave of buzz.

Guess what? That’s what The Trend Surfing Method is all about.

That makes it one of the most powerful keyword research methods. You already learned The Comment Pattern Technique to find out what your target audience wants, now it’s time to figure out when they want it.

In this case study we will show you step-by-step how a brand new food blogger leveraged The Trend Surfing Method to generate some truly extraordinary results.

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Here’s the bold truth about food blogging today:

Most food bloggers think that just publishing great recipes is enough to increase their traffic.

They publish.. and pray, but nothing happens…

So they publish another recipe, and another…

Until one finally hits the spot.

It starts to generate traffic and social shares, and they start to wrack their brain trying to figure out what’s so special about that one post so they can replicate it..

But they can never really figure out why that one recipe did so well, so they just go back to publishing some more.

Frustrating isn’t it?

To create traffic generating recipes, you need to find out what your audience wants first, and then write and publish according to their specific needs.

Today we’re going to show you The Comment Pattern Technique, a keyword research technique which will give you unique insights into what your target audience wants, so you can create killer recipes at will that attract lots of social shares, backlinks and of course traffic.

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food blogger conferences 2015

Food blogging is great, you can do it from your home and you’re independent.

But being independent also comes with challenges, you’re basically a one-person business!

You’re the chef, writer, marketer, photographer and sometimes IT specialist.

With so many tasks to fulfill, it’s very easy to end up alone behind your computer all day trying to grow your blog. But sometimes getting away from your computer and day-to-day tasks will help you grow your blog more than anything else.

Food blogging conferences are perfect for that.

They’re a tremendous opportunity to get more tangibly connected in the food blogging world instead of feeling like you’re kind of out in the blogosphere on your own. For example: you can connect with sponsors, fellow bloggers and experts.

That’s why we’ve listed 19 popular food blogging conferences that will take place in 2015. We’ve included their details (date, location, price and background info) so you can pick one that’s right for you.

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